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Contact our Puppy Information Officer: Sue Fletcher (02) 49980277 . 0400108819

Please call for details on current litters available or upcoming litters, as they are not always advertised.

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Vanaheim Rottweilers

Oliver and Leizel Campbell – info@vanaheimrottweilers.comwww.vanaheimrottweilers.com

Majestatisch Rottweilers

Wendy Caseymajestic-rottweilers@hotmail.com

Clyzan Rottweilers

Tracy Lanetactd@yahoo.com.au – www.clyzan.com

Kyrajack Rottweilers

Sue Bagarozakyrajackrottweilers@hotmail.com – www.Kyrajackrottweilers.com

Schwarzbear Rottweilers

K & S Inninsschwarzbear@bigpond.com – www.schwarzbear.com




JLPP – Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy. (FAQ’s)

Recently we became aware of an inherited disease in Rottweilers called JLPP (Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy). As soon as we became aware of this disease many Rottweiler breeders started getting their breeding dogs tested. In the late 1990s, veterinary neurologists in America and Europe recognized a new hereditary disease in Rottweilers.

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Current laws in NSW (and most of Australia) now prohibit the docking of tails of any dog. Please do not ask any breeders to dock the tail of any puppy, as they would be committing an offence if they did so. For further information please visit this link: http://www.ricecrc.org/reader/aw-companion/tail-docking-guide.htm

Traditionally, tail docking was performed when the puppies were newly born within days. This was prior to their neur logical development and caused no harm or distress to the puppies. If a tail was docked at any older age, this is no longer refered to as “docking”, but an amputation.

All forms of docking and amputation are now prohibited by law in NSW for routine, prophylactic or cosmetic reasons, and no ethical breeder or vet will perform this surgery. If the animals welfare is at stake – ie: dog or puppy has irreparable tail damage, then vets are permitted to perform an amputation, however this must be well documented.

Please respect the laws of this state, and don’t promote or request the illegal docking of tails.